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Use of Feeding Bottle Washer

Baby's tableware and toys should be cleaned and sterilized after use, so as not to affect the baby with low resistance, so do you know how to properly clean the feeding bottle?

1. The role of the feeding bottle washer

The feeding bottle washer is a tableware cleaning and sterilizing appliance, and its function is to clean the feeding bottle used by the baby. With the feeding bottle washer, washing, drying, sterilizing and storage can be easily achieved. Smart one-click to complete from washing to use, liberate parents' time, and enjoy parent-child time at all times.

2. Is it possible to use a household kitchen sterilizer to sterilize the milk bottle?

No, because the milk bottles on the market are generally made of PP, PPSU, and glass, and the pacifiers and soft spoons are generally made of silicone, and the heat resistance temperature is relatively low. The temperature of cleaning and sterilizing with a kitchen sterilizer after feeding is high, which may easily cause the baby's tableware to be deformed, and the glass feeding bottle may even be at risk of shattering.

3. How to use the feeding bottle washer correctly, do you need to add baby bottle cleaner?

The correct step is to read the instruction manual of the feeding bottle washer first, and follow the operation instructions of the instruction manual. Before use, use the baby bottle cleaner to clean the baby bottle first, remove the baby bottle cap and nipple, and buckle them upside down in the disinfection, and set the disinfection time.