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Common Troubleshooting Methods for Dishwasher

The common faults of dishwashing machine are not clean and the dishwasher does not start directly. As a professional dishwasher factory, JEENOW will explain the maintenance methods for these two common faults.

Dishwasher REPAIR METHODS: Dishwashing is not clean: First check the basic questions: is the tableware overloaded, refer to the manual loading. Did the knife and fork fall under the basket and block the rotation of the spray arm? Using the right dish washing powder? Did you scrape off any large food scraps before washing? (Only scraping, generally not rinsing) Is there a thin layer on the surface of the tableware? It is possible that the water hardness is too high, and the water softener should be added with reclaimed salt. In terms of water use, some dishwashers have heating tubes and some do not. The manual asks users to use hot water for washing.

Second, clean the spray arm. Rotate the nut by hand to lower the spray arm and clean up the dirt in the spray arm. In general, the flow meters of dishwasher wholesale are used to control the water intake in dishwashers but float water level switches or pressure switches are still used to control the water intake, in conjunction with timed water intake control.

So there are also the following questions:

(1) The float water level switch of the inner tank is stuck and stuck. If it is stuck in a high position, the dishwasher will not get enough water and will not be clean. Use a brush to scrub the float switch down to the normal position. It can be checked whether the water level is normal after water intake: close the door and open the door after water intake. Generally, the normal water level is just submerged in the convex hull at the bottom of the inner tank.

(2) Clean the water inlet valve: if the water level is low, it may be that the water inlet valve screen is blocked by dirty things. The dishwasher controlled by regular water inlet will have less water. Dishwashers in different areas are different.

Dishwashers do not start:

Check the power supply is the first thing we can think of, and then it is to check whether the power supply of the dishwasher can be normally energized or tripped. If these are no problem, it is likely to encounter motor pump blockage.

After disassembling the chassis, you can see a motor pump, the dish cleaning machine is not used for a long time, the motor may be stuck, the opening force may not be able to turn it, there will only be a buzz, must be toggle to turn it normally, disassemble the chassis, find the motor pump, with your hand or screwdriver and other tools, toggle the motor pump impeller to turn it.

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