Guangdong Jienuo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Jienuo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
Jeenow Dishwasher, Free Your Hands To Bring You A More Convenient Life
Clean up made easy. With years in-depth research on user needs, Jeenow have developed a full range of diwasher to meet different size families' needs with the capacity from 4 sets to 16 sets of multiple options. Products range from Countertop dishwasher, Built-in Dishwasher, Drawer dishwasher, Integrated dishwasher to Baby bottle washer. Jeenow dishwasher's intelligent cleaning System provide a 360° rotating powerful jet cleaning for the utensils to get thoroughly washing without blind spots. Jeenow dishwasher combines cleaning, drying, sterilization and storage in one unit. Its intelligent programs and multiple functions can be freely selected according to the degree of soiling of the untensils to cope with different oil stains well. High efficient and energy saving. After installing one in your house, you’ll be treated to sparkly pots and grime-free silverwares regularly. Jeenow dishwasher have become the smart choice of millions of families.
Jeenow Hot-Sale Dishwasher
Jeenow Hot-Sale
Your Professional Dishwasher Supplier
Your Professional Dishwasher Supplier

Jeenow is a leading manufacturer focusing on the developing and manufacturing high quality dishwashers, also certified as high-tech enterprise.

We have certified by ISO9001 quality system, and products have complete approvals of GS/CQC/CE/ERP/Rohs/ETL/DOE/CB/PSE/KC. Jeenow owns more than 142 product patent technologies, including more than 21 patented inventions.

Jeenow R&D team has more than 20 professional engineers, with an average of more than 10 years of experience.

With the superior product quality, top R & D teams and advance techonology, we are proud to provide OEM/ODM services for many leading brands all over the world, and we are immensely proud that the products got popular in many markets. Our mission is to provide the highest quality at the best possible price.

  • ISO9001

    Quality System

  • 142

    Patent Technologies

  • 20+

    Professional Engineers

  • 10+

    Years' Experience 

Your Professional Dishwasher Supplier
Why Choose JEENOW?
  • Short Lead time

    30-35 days

  • Strong R&D TEAM

    25+ engineers with 10+ years rich industy experiences

  • Advance Technology

    150+ Patents

  • Sufficient Production Capacity

    200K-300K per year

  • High Quality Control System

    Industry-leading laboratory and Complete test facilities

  • Perfect Service

    High-quality after-sales services

    Cost-effective and customized OEM/ODM services

Jeenow Philosophy

Guangdong Jienuo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise focusing on the developing and manufacturing of high-end dishwashers including Countertop dishwasher, Built-In Dishwasher, Drawer type dishwasher and cheap Integrated dishwashers.

The technical team, manufacturing team and quality management team are all from the industry leader company or top 500 company with over 10 years rich experience and innovation ability. 

With the advanced technology, strong technical team and high quality control standard,  Jeenow products is hot selling not only in domestic market but also export all over the world to the front-line kitchen appliances and small household appliances brands.

  • Jeenow Values

    In line with people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, win-win enterprise purpose. The company has been set up integrity, responsibility, Gratitude, innovation, efficiency, excellence, teamwork, initiative and self-improvement of corporate value.

  • Jeenow Vision

    To become a benchmark for global intelligent manufacturer and the first supplier choice of leading brands in the industry. Lead the way with innovation and share the development of The Times.

  • Jeenow Mission

    Pursue excellent quality and achieve maximum value for customers.

What Clients Say
Jeenow Dishwasher Client 3


Jeenow Dishwasher Client 2


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Jeenow Dishwasher Client 3

I live in Alaska in what we call a "dry cabin" which means every drop of water that comes into my cabin I haul in, and every drop of water that is "grey water" or dirty water, I haul out. By hand, in jugs, in and out. Also, I have an outhouse for a bathroom and a tub that I heat up water to use and haul out the used water (via the tub) when I am done bathing. It is a lot of work, yet many people here in Alaska choose this lifestyle, and I am one of them. I am fairly new to dry cabin living, and I loved it except for the part when I had to wash dishes. Washing dishes involved heating up water to wash, then staging the dishes until I heated up more water to rinse, and so on. The whole thing was a two hour adventure, each and every day, which became tedious.

Now, with my Novette dishwasher, I enjoy the process of washing dishes as it only takes about 10 minutes of work on my end and a lot of work on the dishwashers end. I simply scrub any crusty parts off my plates, cups and silverware in my sink (little bit of pre-loading scrub time) and then I load the dishwasher and put in a wee bit of bio kleen dishwasher soap. I then pour three pitchers of water in the top (the dishwasher INCLUDES the pitcher) and then I close the door and press play. And wha la! Dishes are done in about an hour. Sparkling clean, wonderfully sanitized, this thing is a dream. The dishwasher comes with a drainage hose that I put into a five gallon jug, and every four days or so I take the jug outside and dump the water out on my land. This little dishwasher is easy to use, and once a week or so I lovingly check the filter part, which is SUPER easy to access and clean. It usually doesn't need any cleaning, but I check it anyways to be thorough and mindful. Yes, this thing is a powerhouse, I have been using it twice a day almost since I got it, and it also cleans fruit! It also dries the dishes, which is helpful as well. I have been super surprised at how stuffed I can get this thing and also the little rack can be adjusted to two heights, which is very helpful and the silverware thing can move in different positions to accomodate larger items. Now I just have to wash my huge huge huge pans by hand, which is not that big of a deal. I recommend this machine to about everyone I meet.

10 May . 2022
Jeenow Dishwasher Client 2

Sometimes you don't realize how stressed out you are until some of that stress is relieved. Dishes are a constant stressor for me. I have a 4yr old and the amount of dishes she makes is unbelievable.

Got this thing today and it's a life changer. I have already used it twice. It's bigger than I expected and wouldn't fit on my counter so it now resides on a chair in my kitchen. I have the drain hose run into my mop bucket. It only fills the bucket halfway when it runs, so I don't have to worry about it overflowing. The suction cup is awesome because I can attach the drain hose to the side of the unit when not in use and there are no drips on the floor.

Holds quite a bit if you are creative when loading. I fit 2 frying pans in sideways with a variety of other stuff. I prerinse my stuff and everything came out nice a clean. Rack has a lot of big spaces so small items can fall thru and block the spinning bars.

Uses a tiny bit of detergent. I bought powder because I read that's the best for these type of units. It dissolved fine and didn't leave a residue on anything. This particular unit does not have a spot for jet dry. My glasses were spotless with out it. I haven't let the dry cycle run yet but my dishes come out hot and pretty much dry anyways.

Overall I love this thing and the time it saves me makes it well worth the money.

10 May . 2022
Jeenow Dishwasher Client 1

My girlfriend and I live in a small apartment, we will cook together on the weekends, it is enjoyable to enjoy the food, but neither of us want to do the dishes after dinner.We finally decided to buy a dishwasher, but our apartment didn't have enough space for a large one, so we opted for a countertop dishwasher, which was undoubtedly the right decision.

All I have to do is put the dishwasher on the counter and connect the drain to the sink, and our dishwashing problem was solved. It wasn't big, but it was enough to clean the dishes for two people. In the process of washing, the water temperature will gradually rise, which will make my plate very clear and clean. We are very satisfied with this purchase.

10 May . 2022
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