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What Types of Dishwashers Are Commonly Used?

Ⅰ. According to the purpose: divided into commercial wash dishes machines and household wash dishes machines

1. Commercial wash dishes machines are suitable for commercial purposes, generally used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, etc., and are characterized by high temperature, disinfection, high strength, and short-term processing. There are conveyor-type dishwashers, fly-type dishwashers, door-type dishwashers (also known as flip-top dishwashers), and tabletop dishwashers.

2. Household wash dishes machines are only suitable for households, mainly including cabinet type, desktop type and integrated sink type. The tabletop dishewasher is a small machine, and the general washing capacity does not exceed 5 sets of dishes. The sink wash dishes machine integrates the functions of the sink and the wash dishes machine, is the same size as the sink, and has a washing capacity of 6 sets of utensils.

Ⅱ. According to the structure: divided into desktop, cabinet, integrated sink and integrated dishwasher

The tabletop dishwasher is compact, takes up little space, has a small capacity, and can be placed flexibly. The cabinet wash dishes machine has standardized dimensions and large capacity, and is suitable for matching with the overall kitchen. The integrated sink has the same size as the sink and is small in size. It does not need to change water or electricity for installation, and is suitable for kitchens. Built-in wash dishes machines have a relatively large capacity. After embedded installation, it is integrated with the cabinet. The fully integrated dishwasher sale has multiple functions in one machine, which shortens the operating line of the kitchen, and uses the space under the sink to save 1 meter of cabinets and countertops, and is easy to install.

Ⅲ. According to the control method: it is divided into electromechanical control and electronic control wash dishes machine

1. Electromechanical control is a more traditional control method. The core control device is an electromechanical program controller with stable and reliable performance.

2. Electronic control uses single-chip microcomputer as the core control device, and the program design is more flexible. At the same time, there are various working status displays, which are more and more favored by people.

Ⅳ. According to the installation method: it is divided into independent, embedded, desktop and installation-free wash dishes machines

1. Independent type The general model is larger and can be placed and used independently.

2. After embedded installation, it is integrated with the kitchen cabinet.

3. The tabletop dishwasher is relatively small in size and can be placed on the table for use, so it is called desktop.

4. The installation-free type means that the installation steps are eliminated, and the requirement for installing the water inlet is eliminated, so it can be washed wherever it is moved.

Ⅴ. According to the washing method: it can be divided into spray type and vortex type wash dishes machine

1. The spray type uses high-pressure water to spray up, down, left, and right to achieve the cleaning effect.

2. Eddy current is common in the household dishwasher wholesale and ultrasonic wash dishes machine.

6. According to the transmission method: it can be divided into uncovering type, basket type, oblique insertion type, mesh belt flat type wash dishes machine

1. Uncovering type: It is commonly used in household wash dishes machines. Due to the limitations of its washing volume and washing speed, it is less and less used in commercial wash dishes machines.

2. Basket pass type: common in commercial wash dishes machines, due to its relatively low investment cost, the operation is relatively troublesome (different cleaning baskets need to be designed according to different tableware, and it is difficult to clean irregular tableware), restaurants, Canteens and restaurants have gradually faded out of this market due to poor customer feedback. They are only widely used in the five-piece set of tableware disinfection and distribution companies.

3. Inclined plug-in type: It is often used in commercial wash dishes machines, and the market reflects it differently. However, there are dead angles for cleaning larger tableware and dinner plates, and they cannot be placed too densely.

4. Mesh belt flat type: It is often used in commercial wash dishes machines, also known as the fourth generation of commercial wash dishes machines, and the market has responded well. The cleaning speed varies slightly due to the shape and size of the tableware.