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What Are the Functions of a Dishwasher Machine? is It Necessary to Choose?

Whether it is necessary to buy a dishwasher mainly depends on your own needs. If your economic conditions are good and the kitchen can still install a dishwasher, it is recommended that you buy a dishwasher. Because the dishwasher is indeed relatively easy to use. As early as in European and American countries, basically every family has a household dishwasher. Since ancient times, the problem of "who will wash the dishes after eating?" has always exploded. If there are some contradictions, then installing a dishwasher machine can solve this problem well.

1. The function of the dishwasher machine

The cleaning ability of the dishwasher is cleaner than our regular manual hand washing, because the water temperature is high-temperature cooking, and it has to go through multiple steps, as well as rinsing, plus high-pressure washing, multiple powerful decontamination, so the cleaning ability is also very strong . In addition, the dishwasher can not only be used to wash dishes, but also has the function of disinfection and sterilization. The common one is high-temperature disinfection. In addition, there are silver ion disinfection, strong sterilization, etc., and even the disinfection ability of some dishwashers is comparable to that of disinfection cabinets, and it is maternal and child-grade sterilization and disinfection. After washing, the dishwasher can also be dried, especially in summer, if there is still water in the bowl, it is easy to breed bacteria. The dishwasher machine can also have an antibacterial storage function for up to 72 hours, which is very convenient. After washing today, you don't have to take it out in a hurry, and take it out when you need to use it the next day.

The dishwasher can also be connected to the WI-FI dishwasher at home. You can control the dishwashing mode of the dishwasher when you are at work, check the status of the dishwashing, monitor the situation of the dishwasher in real time, and ensure the safety of the gray dishwasher. Operation, in the era of the Internet of Things, this is very important, the most important thing is that it can automatically select the dishwashing plan according to the degree of greasy dirt on the dishes, it is a very smart dishwasher. Dishwashers are generally made of 304 all-steel liner. 304 steel is a very corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant material. Many general pots and pans are made of such steel, which can have a certain antibacterial effect, and the price is relatively low. It is also more expensive, and this one is mainly used for disinfection, because there are ultraviolet rays in it, which can disinfect the tableware more deeply, and the tableware can also be placed here.

Ⅱ. Choose the standard of the dishwasher

1. Size

The dishwasher is also an electronic product with limited capacity. For large families, you must choose a large-sized dishwasher, otherwise some dishwashers cannot be washed at one time.

2. Quick wash

Nowadays, there are many and various washing procedures for household dishwashers, but for ordinary families, the most frequently used one is the quick washing function, which can save time and water, often 20 minutes to 30 minutes and it can be done.

It is also a sink style, and it is very convenient to use on the countertop. The surface needs to be wiped frequently, otherwise it is easy to leave dust. There are many modes of integrated dishwashers. You can choose according to your needs. Sometimes you are in a hurry to go to work. You can use the super fast wash, and it will be finished in no time.