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Ultrasonic cleaning machine: baby bottle cleaning + sterilization

Milk food is the main place for bacterial reproduction, the baby is young, weak resistance, gastrointestinal infection is easy to bacterial infection and cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort, unclean pacifier and bottle will seriously threaten the health of the baby, and mothers usually clean the bottle is easy to ignore dead ends, corners and other hidden places, so be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of bottles and pacifiers.

As the saying goes, "disease comes from the mouth", if parents do not clean the bottle in time, it will be easy to breed bacteria, and over time the baby with the bottle to drink milk at the same time will also suffer from bacterial infection, resulting in a decline in body immunity, and serious fever and other symptoms. There are many wrong practices about bottle cleaning, one is not timely cleaning, the second is to clean only with water and not sterilization treatment, three is not to dry the bottle after cleaning, parents in the cleaning of the bottle on this matter to spend more thought, diligent washing and disinfection, cleaning the bottle this little thing to do a good job to maximize the protection of baby's health, so that the baby grows up healthy and happy. The emergence of bottle cleaning machine, to a certain extent, solves the problem of cleaning baby bottles.

The cleaning effect of bottle washing machine

Bottle hygiene is very important, if parents ignore the cleaning of these bottles, bottles above a lot of dangerous and more concentrated bacteria, will affect the baby's development as well as the absorption of the intestines. And some parents may choose to clean the machine to remove milk powder are not enough, that bottle cleaning machine is good to use? Bottle cleaning machine is also better to use, but now there are many kinds of products are available to play the results, we should be targeted when choosing, can not rely on randomly follow the trend, although some cleaners can actually save a lot of time, but if you can write by hand, and then clean the local area, often can reduce the possibility of more bacteria accumulation.

Some parents are used to disinfection by high temperature methods to reduce the accumulation of various bacteria and substances in the bottle, these methods can also achieve good sterilization purposes, but some bottles are prone to decomposition under high temperature material. So when you are considering high temperature decomposition, you should understand the material of the bottle and not judge blindly. In addition, in the selection of bottles, should be from the material, brand and ease of use and so on to a comprehensive consideration. Some bottles have a large capacity, and small babies may not be able to absorb the nutrients and need more strength to absorb the oils inside.