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Sink dishwashers or built-in dishwashers?

The difference between sink dishwasher and built-in dishwasher

Sink dishwasher and built-in dishwasher appearance comparison

Although a sink dishwasher is similar to an ordinary sink, it can be used as a sink, as a dishwasher, and as a fruit and vegetable purification machine, a three-in-one function. Embedded professional dishwasher is usually required to be embedded inside the cabinet, concealment is better, some people will also use it as a dish storage machine.

Sink dishwasher and built-in dishwasher use habits comparison

Built-in dishwasher is usually not fixed capacity, there are 8 sets of, 13 sets of, and 9 sets of, etc. If you buy a small capacity, then cleaning dishes will be more inconvenient, and sometimes one-time cleaning is not complete. In addition, the built-in dishwasher needs to bend over to place, pick up, etc., for the elderly with bad waist may be more tired. The sink dishwasher is relatively easy to use, and can meet the needs of 2-6 people.

Sink dishwasher and built-in dishwasher energy consumption comparison

Built-in dishwasher and sink dishwasher water consumption and cleaning time are different, built-in water consumption may be slightly more.

Advantages of sink dishwashers

Save time and effort

The sink dishwasher uses modern science and technology to reduce tedious manual labor. Just put the washing dishes into the dishwasher, press the power, and the dishwasher can start working, and there is no need for someone to watch it, and it will automatically jump after washing.

Does not occupy space

Sink dishwasher is directly installed in the sink, compact size, does not take up additional space, installation without demolition of cabinets, but also without changing the plumbing. Such a dishwasher can not only solve the kitchen space problems, and installation is fast and convenient, saving engineering costs.

All-round effective cleaning

Sink dishwasher is designed for families "heavy grease, bowl hard to wash" kitchen problems, can achieve 360 ° all-round cleaning, even if the Chinese variety of dishes, it can "sweep away".

Wash fruits and vegetables

In addition to being able to wash dishes can also wash fruits and vegetables, in the serious pesticide residue pollution, food safety problems remain high at present, sink dishwasher is to enjoy a healthy life, the pursuit of novel taste of a new generation of groups to bring a more practical life assistant.

Water conservation

Washing dishes for six people in five different models of sink dishwashers, sink dishwashers offer the advantage of water conservation.

In fact, choose which, or look at the specifics of your home, such as small space, budget or decoration pattern and other issues, then suitable for the sink then you still buy sink professional dishwasher.