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The Feeding Bottle Washer Liberates the Hands of the Mothers

With economic development and consumption upgrade, the new generation of parents pay more and more attention to the details of children's life, and practical and healthy small household appliances for mothers and babies have also received more and more attention. The emergence of small smart home appliances such as feeding bottle washers, baby food supplement machines, and cooking sticks has set off a consumption boom and has become a good helper for mothers to live easily.

In the process of baby's growth, touching, crawling, chewing and biting are their ways of cognition of the world. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection of baby bottles, pacifiers, children's tableware and teether toys used in daily life are related to the baby's health. How to efficiently clean and sterilize feeding bottles while keeping your hands free?

1. The hard-core intelligent integration of milk bottle washing machine: cleaning, disinfection, drying and storage

The traditional way of cleaning baby bottles in the market is to use a brush or special baby cleaning agent to wash the baby bottle. It takes 40 minutes to an hour to clean the baby bottle accumulated every day, which is time-consuming and laborious; and the brush needs to be replaced after a period of time, otherwise it may be damaged. Cause secondary bacterial infection, threatening the baby's health. JEENOW's new parenting god assist - feeding bottle cleaning machine, cleaning + steam sterilization + drying + storage, one-click completion. The upper and lower layers are rinsed at a high temperature of 60°C, and the three-dimensional surrounding spray can effectively dissolve the milk stains; the high-temperature steam is sterilized at 360° without dead ends, achieving a sterilization effect of more than 99.99%, and it will not be sterilized due to gaps and objects in a curved shape. In place, protect the baby's first line of defense, and mothers are more at ease. Overcome user pain points, upgrade product experience, and create high-quality products.

2. Cyclone technology of bottle washing machine, hot air drying residual water

Not only the innovation and breakthrough in function, but also the cleaning machine is constantly pursuing and polishing in terms of intelligence and high quality. Simple and advanced appearance, leading patented technology and simple intelligent operation, all invested a higher cost. The feeding bottle washing machine is especially technical. The feeding bottle washer is equipped with the patented cyclone technology, and the hot air dries the remaining water, so that there is no water residue on the inner wall of the baby bottle, and bacteria have nowhere to hide. How does the bottle washer do it? The feeding bottle washer is like a machine with a fan. Through the internal super-power fan, the air becomes a rapid circulating heat flow, which strongly removes the stains of the baby bottle and achieves high-temperature disinfection. It can effectively sterilize and dry the baby bottle while maintaining fresh air for 72 hours. 

In order to provide users with a perfect experience, the bottle sterilizer has also created a life scene in the appearance design. Continuing the brand's consistent "affinity and fashionable high-value" product design, the manufacturer has carefully polished the high quality of the bottle washer. The unique shape and design not only satisfy the aesthetic experience of consumers, but also improve its adaptability with the overall home style. In the wave of science and technology, high-quality manufacturers of milk bottle cleaning machine stuck to their original aspirations and cultivate for a long time. They use big data to guide the development of innovative technology, drive enterprises to achieve stability and long-term development, and use high-quality products to enhance users' sense of product experience and make their diverse and beautiful lives easily accessible.

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