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After Renovating the Dishwasher, the Tableware Can Always Be Fresh and Clean

Regarding the way to deal with the cutting board after use, it's believed that a large number of families also do this: wipe it dry with a wet rag or rinse it with water, and put it directly on the countertop. Bacteria are easy to breed in a humid environment, especially if the kitchen ventilation is not effective, the probability of bacteria breeding will be greater. Moreover, the cutting boards are all made of wood, and cracks will inevitably appear after long-term use. The cracks are the most likely to hide dirt. Rinsing and scrubbing cannot guarantee that the cutting board can be cleaned. To solve the safety problems of the above two dietary tools directly linked to human health, it is enough to take away an integrated household dishwasher.

1. Household dishwasher: cleaning

The upper and lower double-layer spraying system, 360° without cleaning dead angle; double rotating water jet system, equal to 10 times the washing power of 30 hands.

2. Household dishwasher: disinfection

Maternal and child-grade disinfection, high-temperature cleaning at 70°C, the sterilization rate can reach 99.99%.

3. Household dishwasher: drying

The double drying system uses the residual heat of the heating tube to dry the tableware. At the end, the PTC hot air system is activated for high-temperature drying again, so that the inside of the dishwasher can be kept dry, preventing bacteria from breeding in high-humidity environments, and condensation water droplets and other problems. There is also a 24-hour ventilation and fresh air system to keep the tableware dry and fresh for a long time.

4. Household dishwasher: storage

The large-capacity space can hold 6 sets of large tableware at one time, easily meeting the needs of three meals a day for a family of six. With an integrated dishwasher, do you feel full of security? No longer have to worry that chopsticks and chopping boards will easily breed bacteria and endanger your health. Whether it is spring, summer or autumn and winter, the kitchen is clean and the tableware is always fresh and clean.

Dishwasher washes dishes more cleanly. In addition to the family becoming more harmonious, there are other changes: more personal time, you can have a good rest after cooking and eating, and you no longer need to work hard alone I struggled a lot in the kitchen, especially during parties. After eating, I sent my friends away, and I wanted to lie down and rest. There are more tableware, and I personally belong to the kind of tableware who likes to collect all kinds of beautiful and cute tableware. I used to collect it and it was useless, but now I just use it casually, and put it in the dishwasher after use; I prefer to cook, and the reason why I like to buy all kinds of tableware is because I like to cook by myself and try various dishes by myself. Planting new dishes, now with a dishwasher, you can do whatever you want, without worrying about washing dishes. In addition, let me talk about many people's misunderstandings about dishwashers, such as thinking that washing dishes in dishwashers consumes more water and electricity, that dishwashers are not cleaned by hand, that dishwashers take up too much space, and that dishwasher installation is too complicated.

Dishwasher machine have high-temperature sterilization functions, such as high-temperature cooking and hot-air drying functions, which can better clean and clean oil stains on dishes; Some household dishwashers even have a maternal and child-grade disinfection function, which is equivalent to owning a dishwasher + disinfection cabinet.