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Features of Dishwasher Machine for Home

1. Dishwasher machine for home can save time and effort

The use of a dishwasher machine for home to wash daily dishes can greatly reduce the tedious manual labor since the washing process does not need to be guarded and can automatically complete the operation.

2. Dishwasher machine for home has strong stain removal ability

Usually, when we use a dishwasher washing machine to wash dishes, the 60℃-75℃ hot water washes many times make the surface of the residue of tableware, and grease can be thoroughly removed. It can also kill common viruses and germs such as E. coli, contributing to human health.

3. Dishwasher machine for home is easy to operate

With a high degree of automation, there are generally several programs to choose from standard washing, strong washing, rinsing, and so on. As long as the tableware is put into the dishwasher, select a program, and the dishwasher will complete the washing, rinsing, disinfection, drying, and other selected functions in time.

4. Dishwasher machine for home saves power and water resource

Each dish-washing consumes less than 0.15 kilowatts/hour of power, and less than 10 liters of water. Fewer than the running water dish-washing. If you wash the dishes twice a day, the cost of water and electricity is less than 0.2 yuan, which can generally be afforded by families.

5. Dishwasher machine for home has multiple functions

In addition to washing dishes, a dishwasher can also wash vegetables, fruits, etc. It can also be used as a sterilization cabinet.