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Guangdong Jienuo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

JEENOW Nice Trip to Island

The weather heats up, but our teams are still working hard. In order to let JEENOW staff work with more enthusiasm, and better enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, JEENOW organized a short trip to Xiachuan Island in Jiangmen city at the last weekend of July.

JEENOW members have enjoyed very much by walking on the beach to enjoy a beautiful sea breeze, and SUV cars racing along the coastline to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise in the early morning. The outdoor games on the beach have shown the enthusiasm and youth power of our team and bound us closer.

The TWO-day and one-night tour strengthened the feelings of everyone and enhanced the communication and cooperation between departments.

The weekend flew by with great memories of the exciting team-building activities! We hope the rest of the summer is just as fun!