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How a Dishwasher Works

Now it is becoming more and more popular for many friends to buy dishwasher machines, but I find that many people do not know the internal structure of dishwashers when buying, including some working principles, which may cause us to choose dishwashers. It is not very clear, here is a brief introduction to the structure of the inner and outer parts of the dishwasher, including some problems in use.

1. The inner tank of the dishwasher machine

First of all, let me introduce the structure of the inner container of the dish cleaning machine. The inner container is the internal material of our dishwashing machine. In fact, this is very important, because if the material inside is not very good when we wash dishes, it will be scalded by hot water. Some harmful substances are produced, so the most critical point of a dish washes mahcine is a good inner tank, but most of the inner tanks of dishwasher machines on the market are now made of stainless steel, some are made of plastic, and some are made of plastic, and some are painted. The stainless steel liner is better, and the safety, sanitation and disinfection of the stainless steel liner are relatively good.

2. The spray arm of the dishwasher machine

The spray arm is the most critical part of the dishwasher. Generally, there are more than 4 spray arms on the market. In fact, the spray arm is the spray head. Generally speaking, the working principle of the three spray arms is as follows Yes, the three heads are rotating, and some can be adjusted by moving left and right, up and down, or forward and backward. The whole thing is that the nozzles can be rotated to wash at various angles, so when choosing a dishwasher wholesale, try to choose a powerful one. For some, choose the full range of spray arm rotation angles.

3. The steam washing function of the dishwasher machine

In addition to the violent water flushing method, most dish washing machines on sale now have a steam washing function, because everyone knows that simple dirt can be washed away with water, but it cannot achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization, and some dishes are especially oily. It can’t be washed cleanly, so the steam washing function can heat the inside to 80°C, and then use steam to disintegrate the oil stains and then rinse. On the one hand, the sterilization effect is good, and the temperature is high, on the other hand, it is relatively water-saving.

4. The drying function of the dishwasher machine

Drying methods are divided into: residual temperature drying, condensation drying, heat exchange drying, door-open drying, etc. First of all, heat-intensive row drying, the last rinsing stage of washing, continuously rinses the tableware through high water temperature, so that the temperature of the tableware rises. High, after reaching the highest temperature for rinsing, stop working and drain water, and the tableware will evaporate the surface water through its own temperature. At the same time, the stainless steel liner cools quickly, the evaporated water vapor condenses on the liner, and part of the water vapor is discharged through the respirator. So as to achieve the effect of drying the tableware. This drying method has zero energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Condensation drying: After the final high-temperature rinse, the dishwasher uses the residual heat of the dishes to evaporate the water vapor. As a result, the dishes and tableware can be dry.

Heat exchange drying: The heat exchanger is the cold water pipe installed on both sides of the dishwasher. In the final drying stage, the water vapor is adsorbed on the cold walls on both sides through the temperature difference to enhance the drying effect. It can be understood as an enhanced version of condensation drying.

Open the door for drying: After drying, the door will be opened automatically to enhance the ventilation effect of the dishwasher. Bacteria will grow in a long-term humid environment. It can be manually adjusted and does not automatically open the door. Generally speaking, it depends on personal usage habits.

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