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Dishwasher- a stable happiness in the kitchen

There is a simple, straightforward happiness in cooking. The hands are busy on the countertop, the eyes follow the hands, and the mind can only focus on what is in hand. Or arranging the cooking procedure step by step, for example, soup and rice that need to wait longer should be made first; washing vegetables with the idea that spinach should be washed first so that the roots can soak in the water for a while longer; tofu can be fried first, and a thin layer of oil left in the pan after frying can be directly fried. Or observe and feel the changes in the ingredients during the preparation process, including color, form, smell, etc. The same ingredients, different practices, different habits, different tastes, which is a mix of memories, and emotions of the past. A dishwasher, is a steady happiness, from the kitchen to the table, full of the taste of happiness. When you see it, you can smell the smell of rice, and such an integrated stove and dishwasher puts happiness in a stable place.

The working principle of dishwasher

A brief introduction to the working principle of stainless steel dishwasher, dishwasher work mainly includes two processes, the upper and lower cantilever of the dishwasher will spray high temperature and high pressure water flow, with detergent, cycle cleaning dishes, the end of cleaning will enter the drying process, the whole process takes about two hours. The cleaning mode you choose and the drying technology used by the machine are different, which will affect the corresponding dishwasher working hours.

First, the dishwasher uses hot water with a temperature of up to 60-70°C. Hot water has a stronger ability to remove grease and dirt, and the water we normally use for hand washing is not likely to reach this temperature. Second, the dishwasher washing machine has a special dishwashing powder / block than we usually buy detergent cleaning ability to be stronger. Third, the dishes we usually wash by hand usually have water residue, which can easily breed bacteria, while the dishes washed through the countertop dishwasher do not have this concern at all. So the conclusion that the dishwasher's cleaning ability for dishes is greater than hand washing can be determined.

A good set of kitchen facilities, should meet the cooking process to save time, easy to clean up afterwards, high space utilization, affordable these four conditions. Here are some practical kitchen appliances that meet these requirements. The countertop dishwasher should be the most time-saving appliance in the kitchen. Three meals a day, you need to wash the family's dishes and pots and pans and tabletops, and according to the calculation of 10 minutes each time, you have to spend half an hour a day on this matter. A dishwasher can get us completely out of this job and away from the sticky grease.

Dishwashers can meet many needs in the kitchen

Those who have followed dishwashers know that built-in dishwashers are the most compact and beautiful. But the built-in dishwasher itself needs to occupy a pair of door-sized cabinets. Other countertops, sink and freestanding types also have the disadvantage of taking up counter or sink and floor space. Sink dishwashers use a sink + dishwasher integrated design that integrates the dishwasher right under the sink. Save money while greatly improving space utilization.