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The Strong Power in Integrated Dishwasher Sector

Integrated dishwasher is a kitchen appliance that integrates various functions such as dishwasher, sink, fruit and vegetable/seafood washing machine, cupboard, garbage disposal, etc. Its "integration" advantage largely solves the problem of crowded kitchen. It can not accommodate the pain points of too many kitchen appliances, and at the same time, a variety of practical functions optimize the kitchen flow problem, one-stop solution for cleaning, disinfection and storage before, during and after cooking, and improve the quality of life in the kitchen with a convenient cleaning experience. The integrated dishwasher realizes the structural reorganization of the kitchen washing space, which greatly meets the needs of users and is highly in line with the general trend of consumption upgrading. In recent years, as an emerging category, integrated dishwashers have grown rapidly. It is worth mentioning that integrated dishwashers, as a hot product in the integrated stove industry, have also become the second growth line of integrated stove vertical brands. 

1. Integrated dishwasher: a kitchen washing center

For the consumption upgrade, in order to better improve the quality of life in the kitchen, the kitchen space is divided into two spaces, namely the cooking space and the washing center, and the integrated sterilizing dishwasher corresponds to the washing center. Therefore, the integrated dishwasher has a high degree of integration - dishwasher, sink, disinfection cabinet, fruit and vegetable machine, faucet, drain curtain, water purifier 9 in 1, which meets the needs of cleaning and disinfection before, during and after cooking. At the same time, the integration of multiple functions greatly optimizes the problem of moving lines during cleaning, bringing a more convenient and systematic cleaning experience.

2. The intelligent high-end configuration of the integrated dishwasher is more professional than the traditional dishwasher

Compared with the traditional dishwasher, the configuration of the core plate of the fully integrated dishwashers for sale is more intelligent and high-end. Intelligently matches the best cleaning effect and realizes automatic cleaning. In addition, it can also be controlled remotely and combined with super-strong water pressure, the integrated dishwasher can truly liberate your hands while effectively eliminating germs, and the cleaning effect is more ideal. The integrated sterilization dishwasher has unique product performance, and the structure reorganizes the kitchen washing center. The manufacturer outlines the appearance of the ideal kitchen in the new era through innovative technology. As a benchmark representative product, the integrated dishwasher is an evergreen sales tree in the integrated dishwashing market based on product advantages that are highly matched with consumer demand.

3. The large-capacity integrated dishwasher is designed for the kitchen

The emergence of the fully integrated dishwasher has turned the imported dishwasher into an exclusive local product. The integrated sterilization dishwasher can be said to be specially designed for Chinese kitchens. Integrated sink, dishwasher, storage cabinet, small set of sink, cutting board, knife holder, water purifier and garbage disposal, the eight function set greatly saves the kitchen space, and the efficiency can be greatly improved. On the other hand, the food is diverse, the cooking process is complicated, and the processing process is delicate, and at the same time, it is aimed at the pain points of the small and disorganized kitchen. With a large capacity design, it is equipped with a large capacity sink that can easily accommodate a large wok, making cleaning easier.

4. The integrated dishwasher is equipped with intelligent black technology, an all-round player in the dishwashing industry

Implement quality life to illuminate the ideal kitchen, and have more humanized superior performance through the value of intelligent black technology. Intelligent washing has washing mode and soft water washing mode. At the same time, intelligent washing uses turbidity sensing technology and intelligent algorithm, which can judge the degree of stains on tableware by itself, automatically match the washing time and degree of washing, and decontaminate more thoroughly.

In recent years, the popularity of dish cleaning machine has continued to rise, especially after the baptism of the epidemic, the development of dishwasher categories with advantages such as tableware disinfection and food disinfection has continued to strengthen. With the intensifying trend of integration and driven by users, there is huge room for integrated dishwashers to grow.

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