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Built-In Dishwasher Installation

Built-in dishwasher installation is divided into the following steps:

1. First of all, we must confirm the information related to the installation of the built-in dishwasher. 

To select wholesale dishwashers for sale, ensure that the space is sufficient according to the size of the cabinet reserved. At the same time, choosing a built-in dishwasher installation location need to considering the water inlet and drainage, to facilitate the subsequent installation of dishwasher inlet and drainage pipes.

2. Built-in dishwasher installation surface must be solid and flat.

If not, it can be adjusted by a dishwasher adjustment bracket to ensure the balance of the body.

Drainage pipe connection:

Put the drainage pipe outlet end into the sink or downspout, and it can not be folded, which ensures smooth drainage. 

Drain pipe length should be limited to 5m. Pay attention that the height of the drain pipe hanging shall not be 600mm higher or 300mm lower than the dishwasher floor.

3. Built-in dishwasher inlet pipe installation needs an inlet pipe nut to connect to the dishwasher inlet pipe interface. 

The other end of the inlet pipe interface is connected to the angle valve by using a 4-point connector and then connects the angle valve to the faucet.

4. Built-in dishwasher cabinet size should take the power outlet installation into account. 

Power is best reserved in the cabinet next to the dishwasher, which is convenient to control at any time.

Built-in dishwasher mostly uses behind-the-body heat dissipation, so the planning of dishwasher cabinet size needs to take into account the problem of heat dissipation and set aside enough space for heat dissipation and maintenance.