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Knowledge of Operation and Maintenance of Automatic Dishwashers

1. When using the dishwasher, connect the ground cable to ensure safety.

2. Dishwasher wholesale are not a complete substitute for manual labor. Therefore, do not carry other debris in the washed dishes.

3. When putting the tableware into the machine, the tableware should not be exposed to the metal basket.

4. Always keep the dishwasher clean inside and outside.

5. In order to better clean tableware and water stains, use special dishwasher cleaner to clean tableware; The special detergent has the characteristics of low foam and high alkalinity. It cannot be washed directly by hand to avoid burning the skin.

6. Dish wash cleaning machine uses a lot of power when they dry dishes. At ordinary times, if you are not in a hurry to immediately use cleaned tableware, try to use natural ventilation and dry methods, which can reduce energy consumption.

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