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Features and Precautions of Household Wash Dishes Machine

We are always troubled by the fact that we don't want to wash dishes after a meal in our daily lives. Is there any way to free us from the process of washing dishes after a meal? In this case, the wash dishes machine appears, which can liberate us from this tedious and boring process. Now let's learn about the knowledge of household wash dishes machines.

I. Working principle of household wash dishes machine

We put the tableware to be cleaned on the wash dishes machine rack, select the washing program, press the corresponding selection switch, and turn on the power of the wash dishes machine. The program controller of the wash dishes machine automatically starts to work. The wash dishes machine switches the circuit by the mechanical program controller cam rotation or the control of the relay by the computer program. Then, use the cleaning pump to pressurize the water, the heater to quickly heat the water, and when the water temperature reaches a certain degree, inject a certain amount of detergent for washing and disinfection. The water in the wash dishes machine is sprayed out through the spray holes of the spray arm, and the spray arm rotates after being affected by the reactive force to spray water on the dishes to be cleaned, reducing the adhesion of grease, washing away dirt and grease, and finally using the heater to dry the dishes, completing the cleaning of the dishes.

Household wash dishes machines are divided into nozzle-type wash dishes machines and impeller-type wash dishes machines. The nozzle-type wash dishes machine uses the method of water splashing shower for washing, and uses the pressure nozzle to spray water in different directions to fully wash the tableware. The impeller-type wash dishes machine is equipped with an impeller under its machine trough, which is connected to the motor. When the impeller-type wash dishes machine is working, its motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed, splashing the water in the tank upwards along with the impeller to wash the tableware. In the working process of small spray-type wash dishes machines, the water tank is first filled with water by opening the inlet valve, and then the electric heating element is connected to heat the water in the tank. The motor is started, and the water pump draws hot water from the water tank, washes the dishes on the wash dishes machine with the hot water flow formed by the spray nozzle, and finally the water still falls back into the water tank. The impurities washed down are blocked by the grid in the water tank, and the oil stains are discharged through the sewage outlet. The hot water in the water tank can be reused repeatedly.

II. Characteristics of household wash dishes machines

1. Dishwashers have the characteristics of cleaning, sterilizing, and disinfecting, and use computer full-automatic control. Household wash dishes machines can be used without adding detergent. Adding detergent to the wash dishes machine can only play a supporting role.

2. Dishwasher machine have fast cleaning speed, and their washing speed is 10 times that of ordinary wash dishes machines.

3. Dishwashers use less water, and the cleaning cost is greatly reduced.

4. The cleaning is at 350 degrees without dead corners, specially designed for tableware. Its liquid molecules can penetrate into the inside of the bowl and wash away the stains that are difficult to clean.

5. Household wash dishes machines are easy to operate, have a long service life, can save energy, and have low noise.

III. Precautions for using household wash dishes machines

After understanding the working principle of the wash dishes machine, let's finally look at the working method of the household wash dishes machine. When using the wash dishes machine to wash dishes, first connect to the ground wire to ensure safety. There should be no other impurities in the tableware being washed, as impurities can easily block the filter and hinder the rotation of the nozzle. When placing the tableware in the machine, the tableware should not protrude from the metal basket, and keep the inside of the wash dishes machine clean and hygienic. After each use of the wash dishes machine, use a brush to remove impurities from the filter to prevent blockage. To better clean the tableware, special detergents should be added to the wash dishes machine for cleaning. The special detergent is low foaming, high alkaline, and should not be directly washed by hand to avoid skin burns. When the wash dishes machine dries the dishes, it consumes a lot of electricity. After the wash dishes machine has finished cleaning the dishes, it is better to choose the natural air-drying method to remove the water stains on the dishes and reduce the consumption of electricity.