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Is a Dishwasher Practical for a Kitchen? Can It Save Money?

As people's demand for quality of life and health continues to increase, dishwashers and disinfection cabinets have begun to enter people's list of household appliances. However, for those who are not very familiar with these two types of products, they often hesitate when actually purchasing them. While dishwashers can indeed solve family conflicts, the price may not be affordable. With a dishwasher, after dinner, you only need to do a simple cleaning before putting the dishes in the basket, starting the washing program, and then you can lie on the sofa to rest and entertain.

Dishwashers are mainly divided into built-in, sink-type, independent and desktop types in terms of installation. When installing, not only the power supply problem needs to be solved, but also the upper and lower water needs to be considered. Therefore, it needs to be designed in advance before house decoration to be placed more reasonably.

1. Dishwashers can free up your hands

With a dishwasher, you no longer have to hurt your hands and waist because of washing dishes, which truly frees up your hands. A high-performing automatic dishwasher machine has hardware configurations comparable to big brands, with more software functions and a much more affordable price. Every family has different needs for product use, so it is best to choose products with targeted features. If there are fewer people in the family and the number of dishes used for cooking is relatively small, using a dishwasher may be wasteful, and it is better to use a disinfection cabinet. However, if there are more people in the family, a dishwasher can greatly save cleaning time.

2. Dishwashers are powerful in cleaning and wash dishes thoroughly

Many small partners who hesitate to buy dishwashers have the same concern: they cannot clean dishes thoroughly. Due to the single spraying method of the spray arm of many traditional dishwashers, some angles cannot be covered, and the washed dishes are easily left with residue, which inevitably makes us doubt the effectiveness of dishwashers. There are no dead corners in traditional dishwashers. Pots, pot covers, bowl bottoms, spoons, and chopsticks can all be washed clean, achieving comprehensive and deep cleaning. Bowls that have been used to make claypot rice, pots that have been used to cook hot pot, burnt baking trays, and tea cups with stubborn tea stains can all be placed in the lower area and washed very clean and bright. Some relatively fragile and easily broken tableware, such as high-foot cups, thin-walled plates, or lightly oily dishes, fruit plates, etc., are generally placed in the upper layer. The water pressure on the upper layer is not very strong, but it can ensure sufficient cleaning power.

3. Dishwashers have large capacities and can meet various needs

Because dishwashers can only hold utensils for 2-3 people, and each time they go to a dinner party and use the dishwasher, they have to be washed in two batches, which is not very convenient. For families with elderly people and children, the types of dishes cooked are slightly richer on weekdays, so many large items need to be used. Pots, baking trays, eggbeaters, and various dishes, and cups can all be put in at once, and be washed clean all at once.

Buying an automatic dishwasher machine is equivalent to spending one dollar a day washing dishes and pots, and you can save at least half an hour of time every day, saving effort and time. Dishwashers use high-temperature and high-pressure water flow to wash dishes, and the water consumption is only one-fourth of that of hand washing. Calculated according to years of use, it can save the money for a new machine, which is cost-effective!