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Knowledge of Daily Maintenance of Dishwasher

With the popularity of dishwashers, many families began to use them. However, for users, there is a problem that is easy to ignore, that is, the dishwasher with its own cleaning function also needs to be cleaned regularly. Today, JEENOW will take you to learn the daily maintenance and maintenance of the dishwasher

1. Ignore the harm of regular cleaning

Many people think that if the dishes are clean, so is the dishwasher. But if you don't clean and maintain it regularly, not only will the residue after washing become moldy and smelly, clogging the dishwasher and making it odoury inside, but the utensils will not be clean. Research has shown that dishwashers can become a breeding ground for infectious diseases if left unwashed for too long. As the frequency of using the dishwasher increases, it will gradually generate harmful bacteria and fungi to the human body!

2. How to clean it regularly

External cleaning In the case of power failure, the door or door of the machine can be cleaned with anti-hair cloth, but pay attention not to wash with water directly, so as not to flush the water into the gap of the door lock and wet the electrical parts. Also try not to use steel ball or hard things to clean, so as not to scratch or scratch rust.

Internal cleaning and for the inside of the dishwasher, dishwasher special washing machine plate can be applied. The effect of the cool plate washing machine plate in removing scale and oil pollution is very good, which can be bought online. Before use, empty all the tableware, put the washing machine piece into the bottom of the special detergent box or tank, and choose the cleaning program with the longest time.

The filtration system shall be disassembled and cleaned once every six months or once a year. If there is a large residue in the screen, it needs to be poured out often to prevent blockage.

3. Tips for daily use

When washing and placing tableware, first of all, the bones, vegetable residues and remaining dishes on the dishes should be cleaned up before being put into the bowl basket in the correct way, so as not to block the spray hole, block the filter and affect washing.

During the operation of the dishwasher wholesale, do not block the exhaust port, so as not to affect the normal exhaust in the machine, and do not forcibly move the impact of the dishwasher, so as to avoid failure.

After the door is opened, do not pressure or force the door to avoid accidents or damage.

In addition, if the dishwasher is not used for a long time, use warm water to clean the oil stains in the machine, and then dry the water with a dry cloth, put into a packing carton, and store it in a ventilated and dry place. If your home is using a dishwasher, then quickly learn to use it! Don't let the dishwasher become a terrible bacterial "hotbed"!

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