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Features of Household Dishwashers

1. Dishwasher machine for home can save time and effort

Using a dishwasher machine for home to wash daily tableware can greatly reduce the tedious manual labor, because no one is required to wait for the washing process, and the operation can be completed automatically.

2. The dishwasher machine for home has strong decontamination ability and thorough disinfection

Generally, washing in hot water at 60°C-75°C for many times can completely remove the residue and greasy on the surface of the tableware, and also kill common viruses and bacteria such as Escherichia coli, which is beneficial to human health.

3. dishwasher machine for home is easy to operate

The dishwasher wholesale have a high degree of washing automation, and there are generally several programs to choose from: such as standard washing, strong washing, and rinsing. As long as the tableware is put into the dishwasher and a gear is selected, the dishwasher will complete the selected functions such as washing, rinsing, and drying within the set time.

4. dishwasher machine for homes save electricity and water

The electricity consumption of the dish wash cleaning machine is less than 0.15 kW/h per dishwashing, and the water consumption is less than 10 liters, which is more economical than washing dishes with running water. If you wash the dishes twice a day, the water and electricity bill is only less than 0.2 yuan, and such a low cost can be afforded by ordinary families.

5. Multi-purpose dishwasher machine for home

In addition to washing dishes, as a kitchen items washing machine, the dishwasher can also wash vegetables, fruits, etc., and can also be used as storage utensils.